Operation & Maintenance of Infrastructure

The operation and maintenance of infrastructure are prerequisites and a key competence to maintain a safe and functioning society, especially during critical situations such as power failure in wintertime and in extreme cold.

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Collaborative Leadership

A structured collaboration where key stakeholders collaboratively address project or contractor assignments.

All cards are on the table, and all players complement each other throughout every stage of the implementation process.

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Performing in Cold Climate (Percold)

The service area Percold is based on the patented method for measuring peripheral blood circulation and includes, in addition to the measurement, analysis, surveys, and report generation, as well as an education package tailored to the method.

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Research & Education

Omicold and Percold have their roots in JVTC and act as advisors, experts, and scientific supervisors in various research projects.

We offer training in "Winter Capability" to elevate knowledge and expertise in operations and maintenance in cold climates.

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