Collaborative Management

Collaborative Management is a structured form of cooperation where clients, consultants, contractors, and other key stakeholders work together to resolve project or contract assignments. It is built on trust and collaboration.

The approach is based on common objectives, an agreed method for problem solving, and the active search for continuous measurable improvements.

All cards are on the table, and all players complement each other throughout all stages of the construction process. Our clients are Luleå Technical University, the Railway Technical Centre (JVTC), and Skellefteå municipality.

The concept focuses on:

  • Gathering key individuals from the client, contractor, and important subcontractors.
  • Building trust.
  • Openness between the parties (transparency between the parties).

The management strategy is used by two or more organizations to achieve specific business objectives by maximizing the efficiency of each participant's resources.

Partnerships create a win-win situation where increased efficiency means that the contractor's operating costs are reduced, and savings can be passed on to the customer.