Value-Adding Services

Omicold has extensive experience in delivering various services related to operation and maintenance of infrastructure with a focus on cold climates, training, collaborative management, and various types of surveys and project management.

Our main area of expertise in measurements is the condition assessment of facilities, as well as of humans with regard to the analysis of peripheral circulation measurement in hands, in order to, among other things, enhance performance in cold environments and prevent injuries.

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Operation & Maintenance of Infrastructure

The operation and maintenance of infrastructure are prerequisites and a key competence to maintain a safe and functioning society, especially during critical situations such as power failure in wintertime and in extreme cold.

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Collaborative Magagement

A structured collaboration where key stakeholders collaboratively address project or contractor assignments.

The approach is based on common objectives, an agreed method for problem solving, and the active search for continuous measurable improvements.

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Performing in Cold Climate (Percold)

The service area Percold is based on the patented method for measuring peripheral blood circulation and includes, in addition to the measurement, analysis, surveys, and report generation, as well as an education package tailored to the method.

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Research & Education

Omicold is a spin-off company from JVTC and act as advisors, experts, and scientific supervisors in various research projects.

We offer training in "Winter Ability" to elevate knowledge and expertise in operations and maintenance in cold climates.

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Performing in Cold (Percold) - A Unique Comprehensive Solution

Omicold offers its customers a unique comprehensive solution and decision support that enhances performance, heightens safety awareness, reduces accidents and injuries, while also contributing to increased sustainability, as properly executed logistics reduce CO2 emissions. We deliver comprehensive solutions in dialogue with our customers.

The Percold concept includes educational training in winter capabilities, a measurement method named MoL that measures peripheral blood circulation, a questionnaire that provides answers to underlying causes of potential circulation impairments, an analysis, and a health report.

MoL Measurement Method

The method was developed by us and identifies any impairments in zones on the fingers by measuring the warming-up process after mildly chilling the hands in a cold water bath.

MoL is a mobile e-Health solution that minimizes production losses and ensures storage, analysis, real-time results, and validity of data. Omicold has the exclusive right to conduct measurements based on this method.

"The method is fantastic. The individual learns their limitations in the cold and can thereby perform at a high level for a longer time - even when ordinary people might have given up."

How is the function of the hands affected if they become chilled?

When hands become chilled, the sense of touch deteriorates and the muscle strength of the hand diminishes, as well as its precision and endurance. If the hands become really cold, one feels an excruciating pain. If one continues to lose heat, one might experience short-lived hot flashes, followed by further cooling until the hand gets frostbitten.

What can one do to improve circulation in the hands?

Medical recommendations are to quit smoking and using snuff, remove rings and metal bracelets, and keep the hands warm. Preferably use wool or seal skin gloves (not fingerless gloves). If possible, one should also avoid exposing oneself to stress when in the cold as stress leads to reduced blood circulation to the hands and feet.

There is research indicating that certain foods positively affect circulation, such as beets. Another thing that improves blood circulation is regular winter swimming.

Who benefits from this knowledge?

Everyone, by better understanding one's body, can perform better and prevent experiencing discomfort or injuries.

However, certain professional categories definitely benefit from this knowledge, including occupational health services, doctors, researchers, those working with vibrating tools, as well as other categories such as biathletes or tourists and recreational athletes.

Can one see changes over time?

Yes, one can see changes over time, for example, if one has developed an injury from working with vibrating tools.

One can also see the effects of medications, for example, if one starts taking blood pressure medication.

The changes are also age-related, among other things, metabolism decreases just before the age of 50, which affects blood circulation.

Do women have colder hands than men?

Yes, women generally have colder hands than men, as research has shown, though there are exceptions.

Percold's database also shows that women have a reduced ability to regain warmth in their hands after being exposed to cold.

What can one do to improve circulation in the hands?

Medical recommendations include quitting smoking and snuff, removing rings and metal bracelets, and keeping the hands warm, preferably using wool or seal skin gloves (not fingerless mittens). If possible, one should also avoid exposing oneself to stress when in the cold as stress reduces the blood circulation to the hands and feet.

There is research indicating that certain foods can improve circulation, for example, beetroots. Another activity that boosts blood circulation is regular winter swimming.

Omicold is not a medtech company, so how come the company is working with this?

Omicold has many years of experience in the operation and maintenance of infrastructure. Personnel working with this are key individuals when it comes to keeping the infrastructure operational in all situations. They often work with vibrating tools in cold environments and also face injuries.

In the maintenance industry, they measure the "health" of machines, vehicles, and facilities. In many cases, the same measurement equipment and similar methods are used as in healthcare, including ultrasound and thermal camera technology.

Omicold har därför sett det som viktigt att även inkludera ”underhåll” av människan för att skapa bästa förutsättningar och minimera skaderisker.